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Residential Complex Services
Service Categories
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 Weatherproof Exterior Painting
Unique & Specialized External Weatherproof & unique laminated system which doubles the life of exterior paint 
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  Building Rehabilitation
Structural Repairs
Ø  Replastering 
Ø  Stamp concrete & Pavements
Ø  Plumbing
Ø  Fabrication 
Ø  All kind of Civil Repair Work and maintenance
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 Terrace Waterproofing (PMT, PU, Elastomeric Based Non Distructive)
We have designed long lasted non destructive waterproofing systems for Terraces as well to external walls too.
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  Two In one System (Terrace Waterproofing & Heat Insulation)
We have designed a unique TIO system which reflects heat (Insulation) with additional advantage of Waterproofing which saves energy & prevents leakages...
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 Heat Insulation Treatments
Heat reflective Paints to exterior walls …as well Coatings & heat reflective Tiling Treatments to Terraces & Green building projects which reduces inside temperature by 5-8 degrees hence it saves energy 
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  Structural Audit Services
We have a facility of structural auditers services.....
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